Designed to look great long after the seasonal trend is dead

About Halsduk

Unique scarves & kimonos, sustainable Dutch Design & Craftsmanship with a Scandinavian touch.

"Designed to look great long after the seasonal trend is dead"

Halsduk By Esmee is an independant designer label conceiving luxury kimonos & scarfs. Established in 2016. Halsduk is sustainable Dutch design & Craftsmanship with a Scandinavian and Japanese touch. From Scandinavia for its nature and colorfulness, Japan for its serenity. “That combination with my own style and view on fashion form a timeless product.”

Halsduk is Swedish for scarf

 After 20 years of working in our exclusive homeware family business I decided to make a career switch and follow my passion and love for creating and design. The scarf was Halsduk starting point and in the process I, Esmee, discover my love for kimonos which enriched my proposition. 

“The purpose of my designs is to empower self-confident women who like to distinguish themselves, just like me.”

Creations of hand drawn prints, natural & durable materials and honest craftsmanship gives every Halsduk an exclusive experience. You can not only feel this experience. One can see it from far! The yarns are made with care and love, taking into account the welfare of the animal, human being and the environment. By choosing rich, soft and high quality materials, you will have longer wearing pleasure from your Halsduk. “I do not only care about the materials, I also care about you.”

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“We not only care about materials, we also care about you”

Esmee Markhorst

Esmee Markhorst

I am Esmee, 48 years old, and since 2016 I am building my dream as the owner and designer of an exclusive and sustainable Dutch brand for scarves and kimonos.

I see myself as a pioneer in the field of sustainable fashion. Because I do it my way, without being influenced by fashion trends. Every Halsduk garment travels in time and adapts to the wearer, not the other way around. My creations are timeless in combination with style and elegance. They are versatile and suitable for any occasion. You can wear my pieces as exuberant or minimalistic as you like. Endless combinations are offered to you with them and this also why I am such a fan of that myself. 

To create what I have in mind, I work together with several Dutch top ateliers. This way I have traceability on how my products are made, who makes my products and what the working conditions are. Because most of the production takes place in my own country, I have a privileged relationship with my providers, I can interact and alternate efficiently and very quickly. 

The fabrics I work with are mainly natural and noble, such as silk, cashmere and merino wool. But also up cycled, ennobled fibers,  such as recycled cotton and recycled denim. All products are made in limited editions, custom made or unique pieces. This way, each item gets the attention it deserves and you will have years of wearing pleasure from your Halsduk. That’s a promise.

My goal is to reach those who choose for sustainable and fair production. Lovers of exclusive and high quality goods, anywhere in the world.


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