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Halsduk Ambassador Gigi Bowmer in the spotlight.

Who’s Gigi?

Positivity, perseverance and “joie de vivre” is what I’m going for. I love my Jan and all our children. Going out together, having a drink, playing golf (currently in connection with Covid-19 at sporadic moments. Although chipping and putting ‘in the backyard’). Walking with Dachshund Jackie, playing sports or reading a nice book. Normally I like to go out for dinner, now my cooking skills are getting better and better.

When did you decide, I want to become a make up artist?
I love people, I love authenticity and I believe in the power of appearance. Women show how cool they are and what they can achieve with themselves. That’s my passion where I actually come true on my own. Instead of striving for perfection, let the special shine.

What’s the secret behind Gigi Bowmer’s success?
Believing in what you stand for. Always moving on and surrounding yourself with the right, fine people.

Which personality would you like to take care of the make-up?
With so many women. You continue to develop as a woman and I believe that, even if you are still so beautiful, you can always do it easier, more beautiful, more natural, more expressive, faster or more catchy. But Queen Maxima or lawyer Inez Weski, for example. Two very different, wonderful women. I have incredible respect for the way they work tirelessly.

What golden makeup tip would you give these two power women?
Lawyer Inez Weski I would like to show that by putting certain accents differently, she would appear even more powerful and more like herself. Sophisticated, rock-solid power. Queen Maxima always looks fantastic and my style of make-up would make her shine.

How do you find balance between private and work?
Work and private are quite often intertwined. On the one hand I work throughout the Benelux and on the other hand I have the wonderful peace and quiet of my beautiful studio.

My work almost never feels like work. That’s why I had to learn to plan in such a way that everything stays in proportion.

If you could share 1 personal life lesson, which one would that be?
Believe in yourself, you’re good as you are, persevere and grant yourself some joie de vivre.

What dreams do you still want to realize?
I have a lot of them. Besides growing up as the Benelux go to address for personal make-up advice for ambitious women, I hope to do something super cool with one or more of the kids every once in a while, like a trip to Paris, eating out together, or whatever.

And last but not least;

What’s your favorite Halsduk item?
It’s hard to choose from the beautiful pieces you create. The silk kimono you made for me gives the feeling of sporty, chic allure. And the shawl in the image is an all-rounder, a magic wand. With a suit, casually wrapped or nicely snared. Success is always assured. Very nice to be able to add allure in a jiffy.

How do you prefer to combine your Halsduk?
In all kinds of ways, you can do anything with it. I like to wear the merino wool cardigans on wide or reasonably skinny pants.

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