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Women’s fashion label Halsduk by Esmee expands with a knitwear collection and a durable denim collection. Textilia spoke with founder Esmee Markhorst about these new items.

Why this extension?

“Three years ago, I started my label, and I threw myself all over scarves at the time. But I wanted to do more with fine knitted merino wool and take my products to the next level in terms of materials. When I was at the Meesterlijk Amsterdam fair in December I wanted to make myself even more visible, that’s why I made a kimono out of the silk scarves from the Halsduk Silk collection. That was so much appreciated by visitors that I started to immerse myself in it”.

How durable is the collection?

“Denim I found a nice material for the new pieces I had in mind. Sustainability is an important element in my clothing and during my search for a good product I ended up at the sustainable weaving mill Enschede Textielstad. There they weave fantastic fabrics, and through them I ended up with the recycled denim and organic cotton that I now use for the kimono jackets and dresses in my collection. The merino jackets and scarves are knitted in the Netherlands zero waste from extra fine merino wool”.

What does the new collection look like?

“The denim collection consists of three basic jackets: one is made of herringbone fabric. This fabric is woven from recycled cotton and organic cotton, combined with wool and viscose. The other two jackets are made of recycled cotton and organic cotton. The basic colour is denim blue, but we can have the jackets made in different colours. From the same fabric I also have these jackets in long, which can be worn as a jacket or as a dress, on a pair of trousers or over a dress”.

How do you see the future for Halsduk by Esmee?

“In Belgium we work with an agency that we approach boutiques, in the Netherlands I’m looking as we speak for an agency and points of sale. I would like to be in a shop like Pauw. Besides high end brands such as Fabiana Filippi or Maxmara, my clothing is also at its best, both in terms of prices and the quality of the materials. Sustainability remains important to me and I definitely want to continue this way. My collections are very natural and there are already ideas for blouses, but first I want to see how the kimonos catch on”.



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