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Merino wool vests

The Halsduk uni colour vests from the Pure Collection are Jacquard knitted from 100% extra fine Merino wool. This elegant vest with the kimono style sleeve feels very supple and soft. The belt is also Jacquard knitted with a sophisticated pattern. These vests are easy to combine with the Jacquard knitted shawls from the Pure Collection. 

Merino Wool:

Merino wool is self-cleaning. The fabric contains lanolin, which is a kind of wax layer that ensures that there are no odors in the fabric. Merino wool is easy to maintain. The fine structure of the fabric repels bacteria, so you don't have to wash your Merino wool garment often. Merino wool is very hardwearing because it is a natural product. Merino wool can be worn too well in both summer and winter, because the fabric regulates heat and moisture. Merino wool is soft and does not itch.

The Pure Collection is sustainably produced in the Netherlands. Zero waste.

Halsduk Collection

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