“Where fashion is designed to look great long after the seasonal trend is dead”

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Portrait Halsduk by Esmee

Halsduk by Esmee.

“After 20 years working in the family business, I decided to make a career switch and follow my passion and love for creating and designing fashion.”(E.M.)

Afterwards graduating in tourism, Esmee worked for a few years in a hotel and at an organization office for business events. Later on she joined the family business. At that time a high-end Italian furniture store and later a company for special chairs for people with a physical disability.

For more than 20 years Esmee was responsible for the internal communication, organization, and human resources.

Around 2016 Esmee started knitting scarves. These scarves did not go unnoticed. With the result that 2 boutiques started selling her scarves. After 2 years of knitting Esmee decided to take it to the next level. She stopped knitting and decided to start her own brand. She traveled throughout the Netherlands. Looking for materials, suppliers, and studios to work with.

Now we are several years further and Halsduk is an independent and sustainable fashion brand. Esmee works together with different stylists for television and Halsduk has been published several times in different magazines and media.

Neckduk by Esmee is the atelier of exclusive kimono style fashion, scarfs and accessories.

Portrait Halsduk by Esmee

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