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Discover the inspiring stories of our powerful ambassadors from Halsduk by Esmee. These power women embrace the products of Halsduk by Esmee and share the same values as our brand. Learn more about why they love wearing a Halsduk by Esmee item and be inspired by their personal experiences.

Sascha Bertus Halsduk Ambassadeur

Sascha Bertus

” “The best way of learning about anything is by doing”. This quote stands for who I am and this is also the beginning of my book Pack Your Success. I was born in Rotterdam and love this city and its mentality: always thinking in terms of solutions, down-to-earth and no nonsense. This also keeps my perfectionist side in balance.

As a style strategist, I provide (future) leaders with strategic advice so they can confidently and easily put together impressive outfits that reflect both their personality and professionalism. I am also founder of House of Appearance, where I work with a team of experts to teach business professionals how to connect, influence and persuade with their appearance.

Privately, I become most happy from both simple and special experiences with the people who are dear to me. Think a spontaneous dinner with friends, a nice conversation with my kids, going to the woods with my dog Finn or going on vacation together again after 25 years now that the kids are grown. Business-wise, you can’t make me happier when a client calls after an extensive process to say that the style strategy worked and the desired goal was achieved.

What personal life lesson would you like to share?

Put yourself number one! For me, setting boundaries has been the theme this past year, and then you learn to think of yourself first. It feels selfish to do so, but it is precisely not. Instead, you mean more to others by giving yourself what you need.

Finally, what is your favorite Halsduk item?

Ever since I wore the denim kimono suit for a shoot, I was in love. This suit was something I had to have! The style of the suit suits me perfectly, especially since it can be worn both chic and sporty. Many people don’t know that I have an Asian husband. That makes it extra special for me to wear a kimono jacket.

Sascha Bertus is founder and owner of House of Appearance.

Vief Croon

Vief Croon, is married and proud mother of 3 children. Her closest friends describe her as a planner, entrepreneurial, focused, caring and opinionated.
Looking ahead professionally certainly fits these character traits as well.

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile”
After 20 years of working passionately as a dental hygienist, I decided to follow my heart for fashion. After training as an Image Stylist, I now have my own Fashion Salon and give Styling Advice in addition to working in the dental office.

It’s super to work with Esmee. Her gorgeous kimono jackets come off perfectly with the perfect basics fromVief’s Fashion Salon.
An exclusive kimono or scarf from Neckduk by Esmee should not be missing from any wardrobe. With an eye for detail and durability, Esmee makes timeless fashion! I personally enjoy wearing both the kimono jackets and scarves and, of course, all year round! Proud to wear such beautiful clothes!

Kim Meeuwissen

Kim Meeuwissen

Kim, enjoys living with her family in the Brabant village of Oirschot.
She is a proud mother of Ties (22) and Fee (20),
Kim is always on the go and as she describes herself; “I am a doer, energetic and entrepreneurial.”

“As a recruiter, I am completely happy in my job. I love helping people move on to jobs. Matching is a mega challenge every day.
Connecting people to each other and engaging myself socially is very important to me! In addition, I am a BABS (Extraordinary Registrar of Civil Status) and have had the opportunity to connect many couples. I get mega energy from that too!

In addition to a busy schedule, I dedicate myself to organizing events for@Stichtingdon. With the goal of raising money to cure type 1 diabetes. A rotten disease that our daughter Fee has also had to deal with 24/7 since 2014.

As I get older, I enjoy the little things more and more. My recipe for being happy is to stay close to myself and be myself.

I got to know Esmee at the tennis club in Oirschot and got to experience her journey with Halsduk up close! Esmee her drive, positivity and warm sweet character and her story behind Halsduk is so beautiful to me!

I love my kimonos from Esmee and love wearing them!
The beige item with gold thread is my favorite, feminine and sexy. It wears wonderfully!”

Carola Peters

Carola Peters (Carool), is a mother of 3 daughters, wife, window dresser, ceramist and stylist. 

On a freelance basis, Carool has been exhibiting for 30 years. But she prefers to be with her hands in the clay. “Wonderful to make and build ‘something’ out of nothing.” 

Carool also gives regular interior design consultations and volunteers with an organization that brings lonely elderly people together. 

Her favorite Halsduk item: “My kimono jacket in Dries van Noten’s fabric. I instantly fell in love with the fabric and the color. And has become a real eye-catcher partly due to Esmee’s great advice.”

Carola Peters
Halsduk ambassadeur Isabelle Geraards

Isabelle Geraards

Isabelle, a connector pur sang. Always sees possibilities and opportunities for another person. Isabelle is full of ideas and is like a fish out of water when she gets to organize or supervise beautiful events. I got in touch with her when I started working with Van Loon Galleries, where Isabelle is Event Manager.

When we ask Isabelle about her favorite Halsduk item, her answer is, “my favorite Halsduk item (kimono jacket, pants or scarf), I must say I wear my kimono jacket the most. So I guess that will be my favorite item then. But of course the beautiful silk scarves by Slava Fokk and Joris van Spaendonck have a very special meaning for me.”

Sophie van de Vyver

Sophie Van de Vyver of Sophisticatedbox. She is a successful fashion blogger and personal stylist in Belgium. With more than 52,0000 followers on Instagram, Sophie shares her passion for fashion daily.

Her favorite Halsduk item is the Denim kimono jacket.

Sophie van de Vyver

may-britt beau kimono Jasje

May-Britt Beau Bank

May-Britt works within the legal profession and is married to her great love.

“Recently my life has been dominated by being sick. This has made me look at life differently. I am even more aware that life is a circle of happiness, sadness, difficult and happy times. ”

Why did May-Britt choose a jacket from Halsduk?

“In my search for the perfect kimono jacket for me, I have one more special wish. When I am no longer around, the kimono jacket will be passed on to someone very dear to me. To which I will add a handwritten bill that the kimono jacket represents determination and strength.”

Amanda Rijff

Amanda Rijff, make-up artist and beauty expert. She is one of the top Dutch makeup artists. And she is also the owner and founder of Fabelish.com and has published her own book Flawless.

Her favorite Halsduk item is the silk kimono Fåglar.

Amanda Rijff

Amanda Rijff Pink silk kimono Fåglar

Edith Bosch

Edith Bosch, former Dutch judoka living in Amsterdam. She became world champion, European champion and multiple Dutch champion. She competed in the Olympics four times and won three medals (1 x silver and 2 x bronze). Edith is currently a co-owner at AYWE.

Her answer to the question of what is your favorite Halsduk article is, “Why this question? I like everything! If I had to choose I would say my unique kimono, my long silk kimono and my silk gold pants. But also my wool blue kimono…. ooohhh so hard. I want to choose them all!


Cinosanda Sandele, blogger and content creator. Cinosanda was born in Angola, lives in the Netherlands and has a degree in Business Economics. With more than 16,000 followers on Instagram, she inspires others with her story and style.

Her favorite Halsduk item is the silk kimono Fåglar.

Pink silk kimono Fåglar

Barbara Peek

Barbara Peek, founder and owner of the La Peek sportstyle brand.

Her favorite Halsduk item is the Fåglar Large Pink.

Babara Peek

Bettina Kampert

Bettina Kampert, employee D-OPS Air Traffic Control Netherlands (LVNL).
As an employee, Bettina is a jack-of-all-trades. In addition to all the usual support roles in policy, procedures, communications, stakeholder management, finance, etc., she is primarily a safety net and oracle. Colleagues can come to her with many questions, as well as to suggest new ideas, share concerns or just a chat, it all comes along. Furthermore, the collaboration with the director is so good that many reflection and evaluation conversations take place; what goes well, what could be better…. I enjoy these conversations, I am still learning every day!

What is her favorite Halsduk item?

The Halsduk kimono jacket. What a beauty and what a beautiful quality. I feel great when I wear it. Sometimes on leather pants with heels underneath but it also goes with ease with jeans and cool sneakers making the kimono super versatile as well.

Florentine Verheijen

Florentine Verheijen, director of Human Capital at Canon Business Center Northeast and OSN.

Her favorite Halsduk item is the Fåglar Kimono.

Sonja Pessel

Sonja Pessel, entrepreneur and owner of home furnishing store Parvani in Kamerik.

Her favorite Halsduk item is the Löv Beige.

Sonja Pessel

Gigi Bowmer

Gigi Bowmer, make-up artist. It stands out in professionalism and quality. Her passion is to help ambitious businesswomen make a top impression. Gigi combines beauty and business in a very personal way.

Answering the question what your favorite Halsduk article is, “It’s hard to choose from the wonderful pieces you create. For example, the silk kimono you made for me gives a sense of sporty, chic allure.
And the scarf in the photo is an all-rounder, a magic wand. With a suit, casually folded or nicely tied. It is always successful. Very nice to be able to add allure in an instant.”

Gigi Bowmer

Philomène Klomp

Philomène is an independent entrepreneur. As a Cross Cultural Trainer & Behavioral Expert, she helps people maximize their potential.

“I just love people and my biggest outcome is seeing my clients communicate more easily and perform better.”

To the question; What is your favorite Halsduk item? Lead her response, “A difficult choice. My favorite item is the kimono jacket Elegante green. Gorgeous quality and incredibly comfortable. Neckduk gives me that modern, yet businesslike twist.”

Philomène klomp

Philomene Klomp Halsduk Ambassadeur

Angela Ursem

Angela (49) is a slasher: entrepreneur / business partner / volunteer / mother / wife / friend / colleague ;-). That’s really how it is for me: always busy, preferably 10 things at once!

She is founder of the skincare brand “Food for Skin.” Also board member of the Kromkommer Foundation.

Her favorite Halsduk item is the denim kimono jacket.

Food for skin

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