“Where fashion is designed to look great long after the seasonal trend is dead”

Logo Halsduk by Esmee

The concept "Halsduk"

Discover the special concept of Halsduk by Esmee and embrace exclusive kimono style fashion and scarves.

Halsduk is Swedish for scarf. With the scarf is where it all started in 2016. Around 2019, Halsduk’s collection expanded to kimono style fashion.

Halsduk’s collection is for the confident woman who dares to stand out without being showy.

Esmee’s heart goes out to Dutch craft. Eye for detail, durability and quality are at the heart of Halsduk. Therefore, much of her collection is made exclusively at top Dutch ateliers. Craftsmen who have completed master cutter training and have years of experience within this field.

Her collection includes kimono style jackets, cardigans, silk kimonos, kaftan dresses and, of course, scarves. From silk and Merino wool to handwoven or cashmere.

Each item is made with love, whether they are made-to-order pieces, limited editions or one-of-a-kind designs.

"Designed to look great long after the seasonal trend is dead"

“With Halsduk, I want to give you an experience. It is more than a piece of clothing or an accessory. It is an investment you will enjoy for a lifetime. From purchase to packaging, every detail has been thought about.

Whether it’s the scarf or the jacket, you can see and feel the difference immediately. All materials are chosen with extreme care. Every item is made with love.

The timeless design ensures that your Halsduk item will survive any trend.”


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