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What do you know about the color green?

In a world full of vibrant colors, green is often one of the most underappreciated colors. In this blog, I will show you that green has a much deeper meaning.

The diversity of Green

Green is not just one color, but a range of hues and nuances that range from fresh grass green to deep forest green. Think emerald, olive, quay green, moss green and more. Each shade of green has its own unique look and can evoke different emotions and associations.

Green and the mind

Green is often associated with nature, growth and harmony. Green is more than that. It is a symbol of life, renewal and balance. Whether in our homes, clothes or minds, greenery has the power to soothe, inspire and connect us to the nature around us.

The calming effect of greenery can reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being. In an increasingly fast-moving world, a little greenery in our environment can provide much-needed relief.

Green and Fashion

Green is a color that travels with all times. Because of its strong connection to nature and its soothing properties, greenery remains relevant regardless of the trends of the moment. A color that will always be in style and can be easily integrated into different design styles.

Green is not just a color for nature. It has also found its way into the world of fashion and design. From striking green dresses to subtle accessories. Green adds freshness and vibrancy to any outfit.

In addition, green is often associated with sustainability and environmental awareness. Which is increasingly playing a larger role in the fashion industry.

Green with other colors

Green can be combined with a range of other colors. Depending on the desired effect. For a refreshing and springtime feel, green and yellow can be a vibrant combination together. If you want to go for peace and harmony, then green with blue is a wonderful combination. If you want a more subdued and contemporary look, combine green with white or gray.

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What color green suits me?

Let’s start with the fact that there is a green for everyone. Importantly, there are no strict rules when it comes to choosing greens based on skin tone. It’s about what color green makes you feel confident and comfortable?

Try experimenting with the different shades of green. Look at which color green best suits your own unique style and personality. The color green does not only have to be your clothing, you can also choose accessories that contain green. Such as jewelry, scarves, bags or shoes.

Light skin color:

People with a light skin color often suit softer, cooler green tones such as mint green, sea green or pastel green. These provide a fresh and subtle look.

Medium skin color:

For people with a medium skin tone, warmer green tones such as olive green, sage green or emerald green are usually a good match. These shades of green enhance the natural warmth of the skin and create a lively contrast.

Dark skin colour:

Darker skin tones can really lighten up with richer and deeper greens such as quay green, forest green or pine green. These deeper shades form a beautiful contrast and enhance the natural beauty of the skin.


In short, green is not just a color. It is a versatile and meaningful color. From its soothing and harmonious effects on the mind to its refreshing and vibrant appearance in fashion and design, green has a profound influence on various aspects of our lives.

Green symbolizes growth, renewal and balance. Moreover, green is a timeless color that will always remain relevant, regardless of changes in trends and tastes.

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