“Where fashion is designed to look great long after the seasonal trend is dead”

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Kaftan dress

The kaftan dress is by far, THE Summer Chique dress. Warm days, balmy summer evenings. Nothing then wears as delicately and elegantly as a kaftan dress. The kaftan dress is feminine, wears nice and airy and suits everyone.

Halsduk’s kaftan dresses are made from a high-quality linen. Linen is a rich fabric. A natural fabric that is made from flax. Linen is very airy, making it ideal for a kaftan dress. In addition, linen lasts longer and is also less harmful to the environment. The linen fabrics I work with are 100% Baltic linen and available in a variety of rich and intense colors.

When do you wear a Kaftan dress?

The kaftan dress is a very versatile garment. From an everyday outfit to a haute-couture piece, depending on the material you choose. You wear the kaftan dress to the beach, around the house, at lunch or on a festive occasion. Or wear the kaftan dress casually/elegantly paired with a sandal or with a heel.

Where to order?

You can order the kaftan dress online in the webshop of Halsduk, but you can also make a private shop appointmet in the atelier of Halsduk. In addition to being able to feel and see the kaftan dresses, you’ll also get several styling tips.

Kaftan jurk

Each Halsduk travels with the times and adapts to you. The materials are chosen with love and care. With consideration for people, animals and the environment.

“We do not only care for materials, but we also care about you”

The concept

Halsduk by Esmee, the atelier of exclusive kimono style fashion and scarves. Kimonos (made of silk, wool and even recycled denim), kimono jackets, kaftans and scarves, of course. With an eye for detail, durability and quality, Esmee designs stylish and timeless fashion for the confident woman. Her heart goes out to Dutch craftsmanship. Therefore, much of its collection is produced by the best, mainly Dutch ateliers: ready-to-wear, made-to-order, limited editions and one of a kind.

You see and feel it immediately. All materials are made with care and love. By choosing the concept of Halsduk, you will be stylishly embraced by rich, super soft and high-quality fabrics and your Halsduk will survive any trend. That’s how beautiful sustainability can be. Halsduk moves with the times and adapts to you. And not the other way around. Welcome to the world of Halsduk!

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