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Cashmere scarf 03

Discover the sophisticated cashmere scarf 03, a perfect combination of cashmere, silk and fine wool. This stylish scarf is a timeless accessory that goes with any outfit. With its versatility, the scarf can be worn in different ways, allowing you to vary endlessly and create your own unique look.

Thanks to its timeless color combinations, this cashmere scarf effortlessly matches all trends. For an even more sophisticated look, pair the scarf with a Halsduk scarf ring. The cashmere scarf feels extremely light and soft on the skin without any itching or irritation. It is a luxurious accessory that goes perfectly with different styles, whether you opt for a casual denim look, an elegant shirt, or a combination with a blazer or kimono jacket. Wear the scarf casually in your hair or wrap it stylishly around your neck.

The print

What makes this scarf really special are the striking prints. The scarf is decorated with Dalarna horses and fish. Dalarna horses are small, hand-painted wooden horse figurines from the Dalarna region of Sweden. They are an important symbol of luck and prosperity in Swedish folklore. The fish has several meanings in various cultures, including compassion, creativity, wealth, prosperity, knowledge and wisdom. In addition to Dalarna horses and fish, you will also find floral prints and other traditional patterns stemming from rich Swedish folklore.

The cashmere scarf Folklore combines Swedish culture and symbolism beautifully and uniquely brought together by Esmee in this square scarf. Order this unique scarf from our webshop today and add a touch of Swedish tradition and elegance to your wardrobe.

Halsduk Folklore is available in 4 colors: beige, gray, cobalt blue and gray color mix.

Size: 100 x 100 cm

Print design: Orignal by Halsduk, Inspired on Scandinavië.

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The print is designed by myself and inspired by Scandinavia. Size: 100 x 100 cm.
A blend of cashmere, silk and fine wool. Doesn’t itch!
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