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The kaftan; The ultimate Summer chique dress.

The kaftan is by far, the Summer Chique dress. Warm days, balmy summer evenings. Nothing wears as delicately and elegantly as the kaftan. The kaftan is feminine. The kaftan wears nice and airy and the kaftan suits everyone.

Origin of the kaftan

The kaftan (long overgarment) has a long history. Originally a traditional garment and has its origins in the Middle East. Later, around the 16th Century, the first kaftans appeared in Morocco.

The wide straight dress with wide sleeves up to or just over the elbows is now worn worldwide and has many variations. Traditionally, the kaftan is an opaque garment and open at the front. Toward the end of the 19th century, he kaftan was introduced to Western audiences. Western audiences did have an interest in something new. In Paris in particular, this exotic fashion became a huge trend. A great lover of the kaftan was British-American actress Elisabeth Taylor. (Feb. 27, 1932-March 23, 2011)

Actrice Elisabeth Taylor
Elisabeth Taylor (27-02-1932 | 23-03-2011)

When do you wear the Kaftan?

Depending on the material, the kaftan is a very versatile garment. From an everyday outfit to a haute-couture piece. You wear it to the beach, around the house, at lunch or on a festive occasion. Wear it casual/elegant paired with a sandal or with a high heel. For an extra chic touch complete your look with one of the beautiful necklaces from, for example; BeeGoddess (byJacky House of Jewellery)

Linen; cool, elegant and natural

Linen is a rich fabric. A natural fabric that is made from flax. Linen is very airy. A perfect cool fabric for summer. In addition, linen lasts longer and is also less harmful to the environment. I chose a medium-heavy quality with an extra soft touch for Halsduk’s kaftans. Because linen, especially very thin linen and often of lower quality linen, is very wrinkle-sensitive. This quality wrinkles considerably less than the cheaper and thinner quality linen. The linen fabrics I work with are 100% Baltic linen and available in a variety of rich and intense colours. You can find the different colour variants in the webshop of Halsduk by Esmee. At Halsduk’s atelier, you can choose from 20 different colours of linen. With this, you will not only choose the colour that perfectly suits your skin, but the kaftan will immediately be made in the right size for you.

Moss green linen kaftan dress by Halsduk
Kaftan by Halsduk | Bag See by Chloe, Mayke.com


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