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Kimono jacket

The kimono style jacket is timeless.

Why is a kimono style jacket timeless? What does timeless fashion really mean? Is timeless dull or hip? Three questions I’ll answer for you today.

Why is a kimono jacket timeless?

Of course, the model of this jacket no longer has anything to do with the traditional kimono as originally worn in Japan. Today’s kimonos, as we see them in fashion, have been given a Western touch.

So why is a this style of jacket so timeless? For a few reasons. The shape of the jacket makes it wonderfully comfortable to wear. The straight lines give the jacket a simple yet stylish look. Paired with a belt or obi, complete the jacket.

The model fits all trends and can be worn and combined in different ways.

What does timeless fashion mean?

Timeless is in simplicity. But a simplicity so strong that you don’t need or want to change anything about the model. It goes with all the trends. Solid colors are often good basic colors that go with everything.

But even certain prints can be timeless. Think of rich jacquard fabrics or tweed fabrics that incorporate many colors. You may not wear it continuously, but you can take it out of your wardrobe a few times each year. You’ll be surprised how many compliments you get on an item that may be a few years old.

Is timeless dull or hip?

Timeless is of all times. Look at the big brands, like Chanel for example. The famous Chanel tweed jackets are still unmissable on the streets.

So is timeless dull or hip? Dull certainly not. Hip, yes! You must be familiar with vintage clothing? Or while, second-hand clothing. To boost the image, these days we call it vintage. But the principle is the same. In the old days, you used to see more the old worn-out pieces in the second-hand stores. Now you mainly see beautiful items that are of good quality and fit all trends. From exclusive designers to the unknown names.


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